Medaka No Gakko

Medaka No Gakko

Medaka no Gakko was established in 1980 by parents who were interested in having a summer school program that would teach children about their Japanese heritage and culture. Gakko has always relied on the participation of parents, grandparents and community members to work together to provide this experience for our children. Medaka no Gakko means “school of little fish.” It is named after a Japanese song whose lyrics ask “can you tell the difference between the teacher and the students?” The song answers, “no, because everyone’s having a good time.” Children who have completed kindergarten through seventh grade attend a two week program that runs from 8:30am to 11:30am at the Parlier Buddhist Church. Each day the students participate in Japanese language class, learn about Japanese customs, create projects that incorporate their family crest or mon, and learn about traditions such as obon, bonsai, and ikebana, listen to Japanese folk tales and enjoy delicious Japanese food for snack.

Registration for the summer session begins in November and closes at the end of December. The two week session is generally the second half of June.

For more information about Medaka no Gakko, please contact Kari Kozuki at


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Upcoming Events


6/3   (Sun) Sangha Gathering, lO am
6/8   (Fri) Clean Up Group 2, 8 am
6/10 (Sun) Bishops' /Lady Ohtani 10:00am
         Rennyo Shonin
         Memorial Service
6/10 (Sun) Tahoe Joe's Fund Raiser
6/11 (Mon) General Meeting/Vote 7 pm
         Church Board Meeting
6/13 (Wed) Curtis' Dharma Discussion 7 pm
6/18 to 28 Medaka No Gakko
6/19, 21, 26 Obon Dance Practice, 7 pm


7/1   Sangha Gathering
7/2   Obon Dance Practice, 7 pm
7/7   Clean Church, Group 3
7/8   Obon Service/Monthly Memorial Service
7/10 Obon Dance Practice, 7 pm
7/28 Obon Obento, 4:30 pm / Dance, 8 pm


Sangha Gatherings